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    What’s the best way to learn a new language?

    What’s the best way to learn a new language? The most common question  people ask when they want to learn a new language is, “Where do I start?” Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Whether it’s Math, History, or Language, we all have our prefered methods of learning. So, let’s take a look at what methods are available and which one might be best for your learning style. Language learning through Books The traditional and time-tested method of learning a new language is through book. Probably the most versatile method of learning a new language is through books. At the turn of a page, in your free time, you can learn to speak another language at your own pace and really customize what and how you learn. Whether you need a crash course or advanced courses, there’s a language book available to meet your needs. Language books can be as complex and detailed as college courses,or as simple as a 1 hour read meant for business travels. If reading comprehension is your strong suit, and language textbook may be the best option for your needs. Learn a language with Audio and CD Oftentimes, books are paired with CD’s or other audio [...]

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    With Speak to Anybody, you have access to the best Language resources online. Speak to anybody was founded to provide access to the most language resources available online. We have more language choices than Rosetta Stone, many of which cost a fraction of the price and use the same teaching method. Everyone learns differently, and at their own pace. Learning a new language works the same way. It's important to find a system that meets your learning style and your busy lifestyle. If you are a visual learner, consider one of our immersion computer systems to interact with and see the words as you learn them. These system will often picture scenarios, daily items, colors, and numbers to reinforce visually what you are hearing. Don't have a lot of time to learn a new language, but you need to know it fast? Try a simple phrasebook while you're flying to your destination. These simple resources will breakdown pronunciation, grammar, and etiquette quickly, so you will arrive at your destination ready to mix and mingle with locals. Ideal for business travelers and travel junkies. Maybe you just want to learn a new language for fun in your spare time. A language [...]

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Welcome to Speak to Anybody, America’s #1 resource to learn to speak a new language. There are over 7.5 billion people on this planet and growing. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a conversation with all of them? We admit that’s a lofty goal, but with the resources on this site it just might be possible.

There are roughly 7,000 languages spoken in the world, about 350 of which are spoken right here in the US. Can you imagine how you could improve your life by expanding your linguistic capabilities? Communication is a vital part of all societies, whether it’s knowing the right way to order Samgyeopsal at the mom-and-pops Korean restaurant or closing a business deal in Mandarin. Broad linguistic capabilities can open the door to great possibilities in your personal and professional life.

In addition to simply being able to speak with your fellow humans, there are also personal benefits. Bilingual people have increase cognitive functions, meaning they are more logical, multi-task more efficiently, have greater attention to detail, and have better memories. All the great benefits of learning another language can translate into academics as well.

It’s safe to say that doing better in school often leads to better job opportunities, but being fluent in another language can also provide that benefit. Studies have shown that bilingual workers earn 5-20 percent more per hour and have an edge in the hiring process. Once hired, bilingualism can open the door to promotions and opportunities for career advancement abroad.

If all the life perks of learning a new language aren’t enough to be convincing, consider the perks of life expectancy. Bilingual capabilities, because of their cognitive engagement, help slow the effects of aging. As the mind ages cognitive flexibility begins to slow. Cognitive flexibility is the capacity for minds to adapt to changing stimuli and unexpected situations. Those who speak more than one language tend to retain this ability because they regularly engage in cognitive thinking. Apparently learning a new language is a great way to make more friends, get smarter, be wealthier and live longer.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our collection of books, CDs, and software to embark on your journey to a better life.