Editors Choice – Best Afrikaans Language Books

Looking for the best step-by-step course in Afrikaans? Want to learn Colloquial Afrikaans as it’s spoken an South Africa? Interested in learning how Afrikaans is written in Namibia? Then, Colloquial Afrikaans is the resource you’ve been looking for. Gain the essential skills you need to communicate confidently and effectively, with no prior language training necessary.

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Start conversing in Afrikaans in a matter of minutes. With Introduction to Afrikaans you will learn the fundamental vocabulary, phrases, and grammar to communicate with anybody you meet. Learn Afrikaans with a simple, fun, and understandable format. Don’t get bogged down with a boring textbook, enjoy yourself and start speaking Afrikaans immediately.

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Learn to speak Afrikaans

Afrikaans Phrasebook: The Ultimate Afrikaans Phrasebook for Travelers and Beginners


Now you can quickly and easily master more than 1,000 Afrikaans words and phrases for travel and beginners with this breakthrough new book! Learn proper pronunciation with the included .mp3 audio lessons, and get prepared for your upcoming travels to South Africa and Namibia!

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Why is Afrikaans an important language to learn?

If you’re dreaming of traveling to South Africa or Namibia, learning to speak Afrikaans is a great way to ensure you get the most out of your trip. When you speak the local language it opens doors to more authentic experiences and potential friendships. Although South Africa and Namibia are the largest populations of Afrikaans speakers, your new linguistic skills may come in handy all around the world. There are smaller populations of Afrikaan speakers from Canada to the Netherlands, New Zealand to Zambia, and many countries in between. There are more than 7 million people who natively speak Afrikaans, and nearly double that who speak it as a second language. In fact, the number of first language Afrikaan speakers is on the rise in South Africa, seeing an increase of over 10% a the turn of the 21st century.