Editors Choice – Best Albanian Language Books

Join the nearly 5 million Albanian speakers worldwide and discover the beauty of Albania. In Discovering Albanian I you’ll learn to communicate in “everyday” situations on a chapter by chapter basis, as this textbook is geared towards situational context and practical applications. Enjoy a little Albanian history as you learn to speak Albanian, then book a flight and put your conversational skills to the test.

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Kick-start your Albanian language skills with the Albanian Phrasebook. Master over 1,000 Albanian words and phrases effortlessly with this innovative book and included .mp3 audio lessons. The world awaits and Albania should be your first destination.

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Learn to speak Albanian

English-Albanian phrasebook and 3000-word topical vocabulary

The collection of “Everything Will Be Okay” travel phrasebooks published by T&P Books is designed for people traveling abroad for tourism and business. The phrasebooks contain what matters most – the essentials for basic communication. This is an indispensable set of phrases to “survive” while abroad.

Albanian-English/English-Albanian Dictionary and Phrasebook

This is the ideal reference tool for people who want to communicate in Albanian but have no previous knowledge of the language. It includes an Albanian-English/English-Albanian dictionary along with helpful phrasebook chapters covering topics like shopping, dining and transportation.

Why is Albanian an important language to learn?

Have you considered traveling to Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, or Greece?  As you know, they are all beautiful parts of the world, but to get the most out of your visit, you need to speak the local language, which is Albanian.  More than seven million people speak Albanian, which is the language of culture, including those who are painters, poets, writers, and artists.  Once you learn how to speak Albanian, much of what you see and experience in Albania, and in many of the other parts of the world where this language is spoken, will be much clearer.  Speaking Albanian will allow you to easily meet new people, whether you are in a museum, at an attraction, or even inside a local restaurant.  The best part about learning this language is that you can easily find people who speak it as their native or second language in other countries.  That means that you can easily spend time conversing in this language no matter where you are, and you may even find that you can help others who cannot understand a language other than Albanian.