Editors Choice – Best Bengali Language Books

Beginner’s Bengali (Bangla) is our choice for introducing Bengali to anybody interested in the 7th most spoken language on earth. Utilize Hanne-Ruth Thompson’s teaching experience to propel your Bengali language skills to new heights. Begin with sounds and scripts to build a foundation, then progress at your pace through 14 informative units. The companion CD, answer key, verb charts, and glossary provide all the tools you’ll ever need to succeed.

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If a complete course in the Bengali language is what you’re looking for, then look no further. Complete Bengali is your key to learning how to read, write, speak, and understand Bengali. Learn Bengali with this updated resource that will bring you from novice to fluent speaker at your pace. Designed with fun in mind, this Bengali course uses thematic units and emphasized communication in everyday situations.

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Learn to speak Bengali

Learning Bengali Alphabet for English speakers: Teach yourself Bengali


The aim of this book is to help English-speaking children & adults learn the Bengali (Bangla) alphabet. Throughout the book, English phonics has been used to help the reader pronounce the Bengali letters correctly. Each letter in the book comes with an image depicting the highlighted target sound. Directional arrows as well as dots are used to help with letter formation. The book also comes with several simple quizzes to help familiarize the reader with the Bengali alphabet.

Bengali (Bangla)-English/English-Bengali (Bangla) Dictionary & Phrasebook



Bengali, an official language of Bangladesh and India, is the seventh most-spoken language in the world, with nearly 230 million total speakers. Travelers who like to venture off the beaten path are sure to find adventure and lush natural beauty in Bangladesh. The country is home to a World Heritage Site mangrove forest, Bengal tigers, tropical rain forests, and relics of ancient Buddhist civilizations. This bilingual dictionary and phrasebook contains all the essential language that a traveler to Bangladesh or West Bengal needs to communicate. The dictionary offers instant access to key words, while the phrasebook covers topics including introductions, travel, accommodations, and sight-seeing. A concise grammar section provides an overview of the language. This is the only Bengali phrasebook available. It features 4,000 dictionary entries. Simple phonetics included for all Bengali words. It is perfect for travelers, businesspeople, and foreign aid workers.

Why is Bengali an important language to learn?

The national language of Bangladesh, Bengali is the official language of 189 million people. Also known as Bangla, it also one of 23 languages commonly spoken in India and the official language of 3 Indian states. Experience the Sundarbans as a local with your Bengali language skills, then hop over to Dhaka and find the best Paratha in the city of 14 million people. You’ll probably make some friends along the way as you converse using your newly acquired linguistic skills.