Editors Choice – Best Bulgarian Language Books

Your resource for the essential words and phrases needed to learn Bulgarian in a week. Project Fluency created the quintessential phrasebook for beginners who need to pick up the Bulgarian language fast!

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A complete course in learning to speak Bulgarian is now at your fingertips. Become a confident conversationalist in the Bulgarian language, whether you are starting with the basics or just brushing up. Let Complete Bulgarian make your learning experience fun and interactive. Experienced teachers and fun features will have you speaking Bulgarian in no time.

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Learn to speak Bulgarian

Why is Bulgarian an important language to learn?

Almost 6 million people in Bulgaria speak this Indo-European language natively. If you plan to really experience Bulgaria, you need to learn Bulgarian today. Experience the Black Sea Coastline, historic landmarks of Sofia, and the exquisite cuisine as a local instead of a tourist. Learning enough Bulgarian phrases to get by, or becoming fluent is easy with the Speak To Anybody language resources.