Editors Choice – Best Burmese Language Books

Burmese, a Gateway to an Intriguing Language dissects the complex and distinct Burmese scripts, then explains the intricacies of how the language works. Common phrases blend the script and pronunciations to help users understand the phonetic symbols and audio lessons. Learn to speak Burmese quick and easy with this step-by-step guide to the language of Myanmar.

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Learn the building blocks of the Burmese language with these simple, but necessary, 300+ essential words. 300+ Essential Words in Burmese doesn’t leave you guessing. The title of this books is exactly what you’ll get. Improve your vocabulary and don’t bother with pointless phrases memorization. Get the fundamentals of the Burmese language today.

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Learn to speak Burmese

Why is Burmese an important language to learn?

The beauty of Myanmar is just a plane ticket away, but the experience of a lifetime rests on how well you speak Burmese. The official language of Myanmar is spoken by 32 million people. Don’t let a missed opportunity or friendship pass you by on the streets of Naypyidaw, learn to speak Burmese today.