Editors Choice – Best Catalan Language Books

Begin with the grammar rules and basic pronunciations of the Catalan language with this Complete Catalan Beginner to Intermediate Course. Integrated audio helps with those hard to pronounce words, while the exercises reinforce fundamentals while they’re fresh in your mind. Simple and short lesson plans mean you don’t get overwhelmed and are more likely to retain the lesson.

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50 Languages – Catalan for beginners should be your go-to book to learn the official language of Spain. Learn the basics of Catalan vocabulary with 100 short chapters designed to help you retain and understand. From beginner to advanced, this Catalan language resource will have you ready for Pamplona’s running of the bulls in no time.

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Learn to speak Catalan

Why is Catalan an important language to learn?

More than 7 million people speak the official language of Spain, and and another 3 million can understand it. Catalan is you key to conversations in beautiful places like Ibiza and Park Güell. If you want to run with the bulls or build Castells, you”ll want to know the Catalan language.