Editors Choice – Best Catalan Language Books

Begin with the grammar rules and basic pronunciations of the Catalan language with this Complete Catalan Beginner to Intermediate Course. Integrated audio helps with those hard to pronounce words, while the exercises reinforce fundamentals while they’re fresh in your mind. Simple and short lesson plans mean you don’t get overwhelmed and are more likely to retain the lesson.

50 Languages – Catalan for beginners should be your go-to book to learn the official language of Spain. Learn the basics of Catalan vocabulary with 100 short chapters designed to help you retain and understand. From beginner to advanced, this Catalan language resource will have you ready for Pamplona’s running of the bulls in no time.

Learn to speak Catalan

Dictionary & Phrasebook


This convenient dictionary and phrasebook contains 4,000 dictionary entries, a pronunciation guide, concise grammar section, and all the essential language a traveler to Barcelona and other places in Catalonia, Spain needs.

Catalan : The Ultimate Beginners Learning Guide:
Master The Fundamentals Of The Catalan Language


The reality is that if YOU know Catalan, it will make your trip and experience in Catalonia 10 times better.  People love to hear foreigners speak their local language, and Catalan is no different.  People will open up and smile more if you can speak a little bit of this beautiful and rare language.  Catalonia is a beautiful area that is often overlooked beyond Barcelona, Catalonia has a majestic and stunning landscape, striking medieval architecture and rich history.  Sadly, due to Spanish having such a strong presence, Catalan has not had the publicity it deserves.

Learning Catalan on the Go:
An Introduction for Beginners



As the title and subtitle indicate, this book is intended to be a basic introduction for beginners who would like to begin studying Catalan, or at least learn the basics. This is book does NOT contain exercises, pictures, tourist information or sound files. It DOES contains information regarding pronunciation, phrases useful in daily life, important vocabulary and basic grammar. This book represents the Catalan language as it is spoken in the Catalonian region of Spain (a standardized Catalan which excludes regional dialectical differences). This convenient dictionary and phrasebook contains 4,000 dictionary entries, a pronunciation guide, concise grammar section, and all the essential language a traveler to Barcelona and other places in Catalonia, Spain needs.

A Comprehensive Grammar



A complete reference guide to modern Catalan grammar, this text presents an accessible and systematic description of the modern language.

Catalan : Learn Catalan in a Week
The Most Essential Words & Phrases in Catalan




At Fluent Now we believe that in order to communicate well you only need to know the basics of Catalan well. For this reason our expert Catalan Linguist Team has researched the most useful Catalan phrases, grammar rules & words. So don’t you don’t waste your time and energy on things that just simply don’t work.

Why is Catalan an important language to learn?

More than 7 million people speak the official language of Spain, and and another 3 million can understand it. Catalan is you key to conversations in beautiful places like Ibiza and Park Güell. If you have been dreaming of visiting Spain for quite some time, you must also plan to spend part of your time over in Catalonia and the islands of Majorca and Ibiza.  These areas offer a slightly more unique experience than the rest of Spain, although you need to know how to speak Catalan to get the most out of your visit.  While some people believe that speaking Catalan is useless, most people think that it is necessary to learn in order to fully appreciate the culture of the areas where it is spoken the most.  Of course, knowing how to speak Catalan will also help you communicate with the locals, which will enhance your experiences and adventures even more during your visit.  There are about ten million people in this world that speak Catalan, which means that you could potentially stumble upon a native Catalan speaker, or one that speaks the language quite well, at any time in your life.  In fact, while this language is mostly found in certain areas of Spain, you will also hear it in certain parts of southern France and Andorra, which is a charming country that can be found in the Pyrenees mountains.  The best part about learning Catalan is that you will find that you can fully appreciate the culture.  You will also surprise those who speak Catalan, because they are not accustomed to anyone else taking the time to learn their beautiful language.