Editors Choice – Best Croatian Language Books

Have you been looking for a complete speaking, listening, reading, and writing course in Croatian? If you’re ready to go from novice speaker to confident conversationalist in the Croatian Language, Complete Croatian is the package you’ve searching for.

This interactive language package is a fun way to brush up on your current Croatian skills, or a great platform when starting from scratch.

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Focus on the Croatian language, or branch out and learn Bosnian and Serbian dialects. Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, a Textbook introduces students to lessons in each language, offering a side-by-side comparison of each. This is an excellent resource for those looking to learn to speak Croatian, Bosnian, or Serbian.

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Learn to speak Croatian

Why is Croatian an important language to learn?

With more than 5 million Croatian speakers in the world, it’s the perfect language to expand your linguistic skills. There will be plent of people to talk to on your travels, whether in Croatia or not. The core of the Croatian language mirrors Serbian and Bosnian, so once you’ve developed a solid grasp on Croatian, you’ll easily be able to expand your language base.

The Eastern-European country of Croatia has a beautiful coastline on the Adriatic Sea. Home to over 1,00o islands and cut by the Dinaric Alps, Croatia is as beautiful as it is historic. Explore interesting museums, medieval towns, or breathtaking national parks.