Editors Choice – Best Danish Language Books

Are you looking for unconventional ways to speed up the process of learning Danish? Then Learn Danish – Quick / Easy / Efficient: 2000 Key Vocabularies is exactly what you are looking for. Following the Pareto principle (80/20 rule), this book is built to streamline the learning process by concentrating on the core words and sentence structures that make up everyday conversations. The result is a unique vocabulary book with 2000 of the most important Danish words and phrases ordered by their frequency of use.

This book is for beginners and intermediate learners of Danish who are self-motivated and willing to spend 15 to 20 minutes a day on learning vocabularies. The simple structure of this vocabulary book is the result of taking all unnecessary things out allowing the learning effort to solely be spent on the parts that help you make the biggest progress in the shortest amount of time. If you are willing to put in 20 minutes of learning every day, this book is very likely the single best investment you can make if you are at a beginner or intermediate level. You will be amazed at the speed of progress within a matter of just weeks of daily practice.

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Why is Danish an important language to learn?

You may have heard that some people in this world speak Danish, approximately six million to be exact, but you may not know where these people live.  Well, most of the people who speak Danish live in Denmark, while a few others can be found on the Faroe Islands, as well as parts of Greenland and Southern Schleswig in Germany.  Many people who are interested in visiting Denmark, especially the Tivoli Gardens, Nationalmuseet, and the Little Mermaid Statue, choose to learn how to speak Danish to make their visit better than they could have imagined.  That is one of the reasons why you and everyone else should learn this language, but there are a few others.  The Danish language is fairly easy to learn, and it is so similar to both the Norwegian and Swedish languages that you can easily communicate in those countries as well.  Once you learn Danish, you can easily read the original version of books by Hans Christian Andersen and many other local authors without anything getting lost in translation.  Knowing how to read and speak Danish helps everyone know when local events are taking place, which will give you more opportunities to mingle with the locals and make new friends.  The best part about learning this fantastic language is that you can easily ask for any number of the world class beers and spirits while you are there!

Learn to speak Danish

Danish Learner’s Dictionary provides a list of the most commonly used 1001 words in the Danish language. In addition to the Danish word and its English meaning, each entry contains an example sentence showing the correct usage in Danish and its corresponding English translation.

This course includes Lessons 1-16 from the Danish Level 1 program – 8 hours of audio-only effective language learning with real-life spoken practice sessions. Each lesson provides 30 minutes of spoken language practice, with an introductory conversation, and new vocabulary and structures.

Compact, clear, and packed with key words and phrases to help conversation, this pocket-sized Danish phrasebook and dictionary from Berlitz’s trusted language experts (with free app) is a trusty travel companion, and all you need to make yourself understood – and to understand others – when you’re out and about in Denmark.

Complete Danish is a comprehensive book and audio language course that takes you from beginner to intermediate level.The new edition of this successful course has been fully revised and is packed with new learning features to give you the language, practice and skills to communicate with confidence.