Editors Choice – Best Dari Language Books

This book is designed to teach Dari/Farsi from the beginner’s level to the advanced level. It starts with very basic vocabulary and structures and ends with the advanced level. The first part of the book includes transliteration and does not require you to be able to read the Dari script; this part of the book will also teach you how to read and write in Dari/Farsi script, and the rest of the book will require you to know how to read and write in Dari/Farsi.a good source of essential vocabulary, grammar, and Conversation. The conversation is also transliterated which doesn’t require you to read in Dari. The Conversation is searchable by topic therefore a good help for beginners to start speaking faster.

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Recommended for: Students of Dari/Farsi language, and Afghan Children living abroad who want to be able to read and write in Dari/Farsi. Dari, which is also referred to as Farsi by speakers of this language, is one of the two official languages of Afghanistan. It is a dialect of Persian widely spoken in Afghanistan. The majority of the people in Afghanistan can speak Dari/Farsi. The difference in the Farsi spoken in Afghanistan and Iran is somewhat like the differences in British and American English, so if one speaks Dari he/she will be able to understand and speak the Farsi in Iran and Tajiki, which is the official language of Tajikistan and a dialect of modern Persian, spoken in Tajikistan.

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Learn to speak Dari, the language of Afghanistan

Dari: An Elementary Textbook



Dari is the most used language in Afghanistan; all official documents are written in it. This textbook, designed to cover one year of instruction, offers beginning learners a communicative approach to the Dari language that develops the four language skills―speaking, listening, reading, and writing―through culturally relevant activities. The book is accompanied by a CD-ROM with extensive authentic materials, including audio and videos recorded in Afghanistan, to help learners perform tasks and functions in both colloquial and standard forms. Grammar and vocabulary in each thematic lesson are chosen carefully to help learners perform these tasks and functions at an elementary level and beyond.

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Dari: An Intermediate Textbook




Suitable for students and professionals alike, Dari: An Intermediate Textbook offers a thematically-organized approach to learning the Dari language with task-oriented, communicative activities that develop the four primary language skills ― speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Incorporating the latest innovations in foreign language teaching and pedagogy, this textbook enhances learners’ ability to communicate successfully with Dari speakers and more fully engage with a rich and vibrant culture.

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Why is Dari an important language to learn?

Dari (درى) Dari is the dialect of Persian spoken primarily in Afghanistan, where it is one of the two official languages. You may not have any interest in visiting Afghanistan, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the time to learn the language that is spoken there.  Approximately twelve and a half million people speak Dari and while many of them live in Afghanistan, others live in Pakistan and other areas around the world.  This is not an easy language to learn, but you can quickly grasp it and speak fairly fluently once you learn a small number of words.  Once you know those words and phrases, the rest of the language will seem much easier to learn and before you know it, you will be speaking it like a native.  While you can speak Dari with those who know the language, you may find that you speak it the most through work.  After all, not many people take the time to learn this language, so when you do, your skills will become invaluable and you will find that you will be sought by some of the largest companies in the world.  A career change is one of the many possibilities that will occur once you have successfully learned how to speak Dari fluently.