Editors Choice – Best British English Language Books

Get Started in English is for absolute and false beginners of English. Clear and simple explanations make the course appropriate and accessible to anyone learning English. There are extensive illustrations to support the learner working on his or her own. This course is also ideal to use with one-to-one tutoring and as a classroom course.

The course focuses on British English but offers American alternatives. Basic English is slowly and carefully introduced to ensure you progress confidently through the course and build up a foundation to allow you to feel confident in everyday situations and move to the next level of your learning. It teaches grammar, vocabulary and listening, reading, writing, speaking and pronunciation skills. By the end of the course you will reach a solid Novice High proficiency level of ACTFL (The American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages) and A2 Beginner level of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) guidelines.

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Why is The Queens English an important language to learn?

If you already know how to speak English-American, you might think that you are more than prepared for a trip to the United Kingdom. However, once you arrive there, you may find that you are a little over your head when it comes to understanding how the Brits talk! They have a completely different accent than the people in America and the words that they use do not always mean the same thing. In fact, there are two types of British pronunciation that you need to be aware of and they are Received Pronunciation, which is used by the upper class and the Queen, and Normal Pronunciation. In Received Pronunciation, the letter R is often silent unless it is followed by a vowel. The accent and pronunciation for Normal Pronunciation can vary depending on where a person lives and who they hang out with. Learning English-British will not only help you communicate when you are over in the UK. It will also help you when you bump into a Brit as you are traveling the world or when you need to work with someone from another country. While not as many people speak English-British, you will still encounter them quite often and it will always be nice to know what a person is saying to you!

Learn to speak British English

Rosetta Stone: Learn English (British) with Lifetime Access on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac [Activation Code by Email. Rosetta Stone includes three components to help you learn fast with our exciting Dynamic Immersion method.

Part language guide, part cultural study, How to Speak Brit is the perfect addition to every Anglophile’s library and an entertaining primer that will charm the linguistic-minded legions.

Knickers in a Twist is as indispensable as a London city guide, as spot-on funny as an episode of The Office, and as edifying as Born to Kvetch and Eats, Shoots and Leaves.

Bob’s Your Uncle (all is well) with this dictionary of British English vs. American English. Not only does it contain an A to Zed of all the terms and expressions that separate our common language; it also has lists of rhyming slang, pronunciation and spelling differences.