Editors Choice – Best Haitian Creole Language Books

This course includes Lessons 1-16 from the Haitian Creole Level 1 program – 8 hours of audio-only effective language learning with real-life spoken practice sessions. Each lesson provides 30 minutes of spoken language practice, with an introductory conversation, and new vocabulary and structures.

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Download: 3 complete levels with 4 Creole language-learning programs that use quick and effective teaching methods. 39 topics: Quickly and easily learn words you’ll need for real-life situations.

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Learn to speak Haitian Creole, the language of Haiti

Why is Haitian Creole an important language to learn?

Have you ever thought about traveling to the Dominican Republic or the nearby area of Haiti on Hispaniola Island?  If you have, or if you have thought about giving Cuba a chance, then you really need to start learning how to speak Haitian Creole.  This language is based on the French language and was created by the French colonists and African slaves on the sugarcane plantations in Haiti.  While it is one of the official languages of Haiti, it is also spoken by hundreds of thousands of people in Cuba.  One thing that you must know about this language is that you should never ignore the accents on the letters, as you are speaking or writing them.  The reasoning for this is due to the same letters being used to form words that look similar but mean something completely different.  This language is quite important to know, because people all over the world are now speaking it, either as their only language or a second language.  A few places where you will see it the most in the United States is down in southern Florida and the northeastern states.  Once you learn this language, people will look to you for guidance as they meet people who only speak Haitian Creole and have no idea how to talk to them in their language.  Your skills will be in demand and that can only mean good things for your future.