Editors Choice – Best Hausa and Yoruba Language Books

Learning and speaking Hausa is now simplified with this new English-Hausa word and phrase book for travelers and business people. This book covers a wide range of vocabulary used in day to day communication with useful selection of expressions, sentence structures and phrases in Hausa. This is an easy, interesting and efficient method for learning key phrases that will help you prepare for your trip to countries where Hausa is spoken

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The latest edition of Hausa – EuroTalk’s best-selling language software for beginners starts you off talking straight away. 9 different topics, with essential vocabulary you’ll actually use. Learn Hausa through addictive games and activities to reinforce everything you’ve learned

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Learn to speak Hausa and Yoruba, the languages of Nigeria

An Ideal Teach-Yourself Book for those Learning Yoruba as a 2nd Language

This Yoruba grammar book is for the use of beginners who want to learn Yoruba and those who want to speakYoruba as a second language (L2).
Target Users are:
■ Those who marry to Yoruba spouses
■ Yoruba children born abroad
■ Yoruba’s in diaspora
■ Secondary school children (Nigeria, West Africa and Brazil) learning Yoruba as a second language.
■ Non-Yoruba university students learning Yoruba as a second language.
■ Those who have interest in speaking the language.

Learn To Speak Hausa – Introductory Course
CD-ROM – MP3 Audio & eBook

Digital Hausa Course eBook – Follow along with the course, and learn the most useful words and phrases.  Audio material from native speakers – Learn from fluent, native speakers for better Hausa immersion and practice. Includes PDF and MP3 files for learning on the go – Great for tablets, smartphones and compatible e-Readers.

Learn Yoruba: 300+ Essential Words In Yoruba –
Learn Words Spoken In Everyday Nigeria (Speak Yoruba, Nigeria, Fluent, Yoruba Language)

This E-book is designed for students who want to improve their Yoruba vocabulary. We understand the difficulties with learning a new language, and an essential part of any language is knowing vocabulary. We forget pointless phrases and intend to teach you vocabulary which you can use in order to form your own sentences, allowing you to become fluent faster. This is an essential book if you are learning Yoruba , we cover the basic words and sentences that are used in everyday spoken Nigeria.

EuroTalk Interactive –
Talk Now! Learn Hausa

The “intelligent” software feature remembers Hausa words you get wrong and targets your weak points. Extensive basic Hausa vocabulary, from first words, food, colors, phrases, parts of the body and numbers, to telling time, shopping and countries

Yoruba Instant Immersion
Yoruba Levels 1,2 & 3

Download: 3 complete levels with 4 Yoruba language-learning programs that use quick and effective teaching methods. 39 topics: Quickly and easily learn words you’ll need for real-life situations. Native Speakers: Get used to how the Yoruba language really sounds with audio by native speaker.

Mu Zanta Da Harshen Hausa
Let’s Speak Hausa

A multidimensional approach to the teaching and learning of Hausa as a second language.

Why are Nigerian languages important to learn?

If Africa has long been on your list of must-see destinations, you will want to take the time to stop and see Nigeria.  This beautiful part of the continent will allow you to see even more tribal groups, mesmerizing landscapes, and a plethora of art galleries and museums.  While you are exploring this part of the world, you will find it is useful to know at least one of the three major languages that are used by the locals in Nigeria.  Hausa is the easiest to learn, followed by Yoruba, and then Igbo is the most challenging.  While you may solely learn how to speak one of these languages for your trip to Nigeria, you will find that you can also use Hausa over in Niger and Ghana and Yoruba in Togo, Brazil, Colombia, and the Benin Republic.  To put learning these languages into perspective, and as to how necessary it is to know them, the entire Nigerian Army has been ordered to learn them all within a year.  While you might not be a part of the army, you can still benefit from knowing these languages.  After all, you never know when you might be greeted by a Nigerian who speaks nothing but Hausa or Yoruba.