Editors Choice – Best Hawaiian Language Books

A user-friendly introduction to one of the most beautiful languages in the world, this illustrated book and 2 CDs teaches pronunciation, conversation, and songs. Homework, self-tests, an answer key, and glossaries provide structure and reinforce content.

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Let’s Speak Hawaiian is a comprehensive Hawaiian language course intended for use at the secondary school and college levels. In this second edition the text continues to answer the need for new methods and materials in language instruction and presents extensive research on the Hawaiian language. It is composed almost entirely of material that has been tested in classroom situations; it employs the aural-oral method and emphasizes the development of conversational skills through dialogues and drills.

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Learn to speak Hawaiian, the language of Hawai’i

 Hawaiian Phrase Book
(Hawaiian Classic Reprints)

This Hawaiian Phrase Book was originally published in 1906 and has long been out of print. Recent interest in the unique background of the 50th State has spurred the revival of this useful and compact volume

Originally, the primary object of the manual was to “teach natives to converse in English” but the phrasebook soon became a valuable resource for tourists and scholars alike.

The book is handily categorized according to subject: Of a School, Going on a Journey, A Conversation with a Native Woman, etc. In addition, there are numerous samples of correspondence in the back of the manual.

Hawaiian Kids (Go to a Luau) Coloring Book
Learn to Speak Hawaiian, Too!

Illustrations that teach Hawaiian words while depicting scenes of life in Hawaii.

Let’s Learn Hawaiian:
A Word-Picture Book

Aloha! Welcome to Hawaii! Travel through the pages of this very charming word-and-picture storybook.

The many attractively arranged illustrations will have special appeal for children. The words here are simple ones we might use everyday. There is laughter here, too—so important to keep a child’s attention and help put an idea across.

But it is not only children who can benefit from this presentation, a unique arrangement of pictures and facts about Hawaii. It should be of particular interest to adults and parents, teachers in the classroom, travelers to the Islands, or those simply interested in learning something about Hawaii, its language and traditions.

Come with us to taste a fresh white niu, hear an old Hawaiian mele, or wiggle your toes in the moana. Some of the charms and flavor of the Islands are here; we hope that you will find it and want to come back to read this Hawaiian picture storybook again and again!

Kulaiwi, Learn to Speak Hawaiian,
with Kumu Ekele Kaniaupio-Crozier

One lesson on speaking the native language of Hawai’i, in a convenient DVD format.

English-Hawaiian words:
Translations which will enable you to speak and more thoroughly understand the Hawaiian language

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Say It As It Is!: Learn to Speak Hawaiian; Plus Island Pidgin and Hanai Words
Complete Uniquely Illustrated Hawaiian Words and Facts About Hawaii’s People Places and Things

“The Hawaiian words, definitions and pronunciations presented in this book may not always coincide with language concepts found elsewhere. The old Hawaiian language consisted of a variety of dialects like any language spoken in areas distant from each other. We have endeavored to be authentic as possible without confusing the reader with an overindulgence of macrons and accent marks not currently used in modern-day Hawaiian.”

Why is Hawaiian an important language to learn?

Don’t the Hawaiian Islands sound like a magnificent destination for your next trip away from home?  Imagine sitting on the sandy beaches, surfing out in the ocean, and attending a luau at the end of the day.  Pure paradise, but only if you know how to communicate with the locals!  Now, everyone in Hawaii speaks English, but for years there was a special language that was only used on the islands by the locals.  While most of the Hawaiian language is not being used today, there are still many words and phrases that everyone needs to know if they want to understand those who live there.  Learning Hawaiian will allow you to immerse yourself into the culture of the islands much more, while making new friends and participating in century old traditions.  Once you know the Hawaiian language, you can easily travel to Hawaii, but you can also use some of the phrases back home to start a new tradition where you live.  Imagine introducing your friends to this language and having them fall in love with it as much as you did.  If that happens, it may no longer be an almost lost language.  Instead it will grow in popularity once again and be used in many other parts of the world.