Editors Choice – Best Hawaiian Language Books

The best way to speak a new language with confidence is to get used to it. ‘Olelo Hou encourages the reader to obtain conversation-level skills in Hawaiian through sense and mimicry, trial and error. There are lessons on grammar and vocabulary within that are launching points to apo ‘ana – catch new words through listening – as the people of Hawaiian antiquity did.

Reprinted for the first time in years, ‘Olelo Hou – Beginning Conversational Hawaiian is the text Kumu John Keola Lake authored and taught to four decades’ worth of high school, college and continuing education students. It is an ideal resource for the individual or group interested in building habits that lead to future fluency in the language of the islands.

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Why is Hawaiian an important language to learn?

Don’t the Hawaiian Islands sound like a magnificent destination for your next trip away from home? Imagine sitting on the sandy beaches, surfing out in the ocean, and attending a luau at the end of the day. Pure paradise, but only if you know how to communicate with the locals! Now, everyone in Hawaii speaks English, but for years there was a special language that was only used on the islands by the locals. While most of the Hawaiian language is not being used today, there are still many words and phrases that everyone needs to know if they want to understand those who live there. Learning Hawaiian will allow you to immerse yourself into the culture of the islands much more, while making new friends and participating in century old traditions. Once you know the Hawaiian language, you can easily travel to Hawaii, but you can also use some of the phrases back home to start a new tradition where you live. Imagine introducing your friends to this language and having them fall in love with it as much as you did. If that happens, it may no longer be an almost lost language. Instead it will grow in popularity once again and be used in many other parts of the world.

Learn to speak Hawaiian

Ka Lei Haʻaheo: Beginning Hawaiian is a culturally oriented Hawaiian language textbook.Its grammar lessons include the relationship between the language and the Hawaiian world view. The book’s dialogs are drawn from contemporary Hawaiian family life. Extensive classroom testing was used in developing Ka Lei Haʻaheo.

A user-friendly introduction to one of the most beautiful languages in the world, this illustrated book and 2 CDs teaches pronunciation, conversation, and songs. Homework, self-tests, an answer key, and glossaries provide structure and reinforce content.

Without question, this is the definitive grammar of the Hawaiian language. Indeed it is the first attempt at a comprehensive treatment of the subject since W.D. Alexander published his concise Short Synopsis of the Most Essential Points in Hawaiian Grammar in 1864

The new pocket edition is an ideal resource for beginning speakers and students of the Hawaiian language or anyone interested in Hawaiian language, history, and culture. Illustrated with line drawings, it includes over 5,000 entries in Hawaiian and English, an additional 2,500 synonyms and related words and phrases, grammar notes, and thousands of example sentences in both Hawaiian and English that illustrate practical and cultural uses of the language.

Hawaiian is a beautiful language and knowing a few key words beyond aloha and mahalo will enrich your vacation experience. With this unique language guide, you’ll learn the Hawaiian words for native plants and ocean life, greetings, places, foods and much more. Hawaiian is one of the official languages of Hawaii and you’ll notice that it is interwoven into daily life and conversation.

Teach kids to learn over 200 Hawaiian words with our soft-cover book. It includes a variety of vivid and colorful images of plants, animals, and things in the house, in the neighborhood, in the ocean, and so much more. With consistent repetition, your child will recognize and say Hawaiian words in no time.