Editors Choice – Best Hmong Language Books

Two Way Dictionary: English-Hmong / Hmong-English. Bilingual Dictionaries, Inc. is the publisher of the Word to Word bilingual dictionaries series with over 30 languages that are 100% Word to Word. The Word to Word series provides ELL students with standardized bilingual dictionaries approved for state testing.

Students with different backgrounds can now use dictionaries from the same series that are specifically designed to create an equal resource that strictly adheres to the guidelines set by districts and states.

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Why is Hmong an important language to learn?

If you are interested in languages that are not widely known, then Hmong is one of the best ones for you to tackle next!  This language is only spoken by approximately four million people, all who are of Hmong ethnicity.  These people live in Vietnam, northern Thailand, Laos, Burma, and certain parts of China.  It is important that you take the time to learn the real Hmong language, which includes the slang and numerous expressions, or you will have a difficult time knowing what native speakers are saying.

It is easy to make new friends within Hmong communities when you learn this language, because they will be thrilled that you took the time to learn such an obscure language that not many people want to even attempt.  It will not be easy to find people to practice your language skills with using Hmong, but that challenge will be rewarded many times over when you are able to communicate with those who do speak this language.

Learn to speak Hmong

This guide to Hmong language collects the most common Hmong phrases and expressions as well as an English-Hmong/Hmong-English dictionary. This phrasebook includes greetings, food items, directions, sightseeing and many other categories of expressions that will help anyone wanting to learn Hmong. This phrasebook is a must for anyone wanting to learn Hmong.

Learn the Hmong language in a simple and easy to use book! This book has the basics in speaking, teaching you the alphabet, words, phrases, and sentence structure.

Always wanted to learn the Hmong language but you find it difficult to commit and stay consistent? We made this notebook for you! We organized the pages so you will commit to write and learn at least: 5 words everyday, 35 per week and 150 words per month. This is it! Time to learn Hmong words everyday!

An integrated textbook for students of Hmong language and literacy. This book uses everyday themes to help language students build life-long skills of reading, writing, and speaking Hmong. Students will be incrementally introduced to skills in reading and writing as well as learning the basic foundations of Hmong grammar.