Editors Choice – Best Indonesian Language Books

By completing the 12 lessons in Indonesian for Beginners, you will learn not only to understand, speak, read and write basic Indonesian, but also about many important aspects of Indonesia’s amazingly diverse culture, people, and places. This book provides a gateway to understanding the Indonesian language and country, and helps you to apply what you learn in a way that is relevant, meaningful and fun.

The course is structured around the concept of spending a year in Indonesia—experiencing different seasonal events which bring the learner on a journey. In this way, the cultural and background information becomes a natural part of the understanding of the Indonesian language and helps you to place what you learn into context within a full narrative about life in Indonesia.

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Why is Indonesian an important language to learn?

How many times have you dreamed of island hopping among thousands of islands without leaving a specific country? Okay, so that might not be a dream that many people have, but it is possible to do when you take the time to visit some of the seventeen thousand islands within Indonesia. This country is filled with unique cultures, gorgeous and diverse landscapes, and some of the best adventures in the world. However, the only way to truly experience the best that Indonesia has to offer is to speak the language. At least thirty-nine million people speak Indonesian, which may not seem like a lot, but it will be when you cannot find anyone among them that speaks English. While learning Indonesian will help you with your travel, and potentially your job in the future, there are dozens of other reasons why you should learn it. First, the Indonesian culture will really come to life before you, because you will understand what is being shared with you much better than you would if you needed everything translated. You will also make plenty of new friends, as you talk to many of the locals and share stories about everyone’s travels and life. The best part though will be when you can walk into a restaurant and order exactly what you want without worrying that you will say the wrong thing and get a meal that you do not like!

Learn to speak Indonesian

Tuttle Concise Indonesian Dictionary has both Indonesian to English and English to Indonesian sections. Its compact size allows for easy transport without limiting the content. This Indonesian dictionary is perfect for Indonesian language students, or business people and tourists traveling to Indonesia.

Do you want to speak simple Indonesian but are too busy to study it? Are you visiting Indonesia for a short time and want an Indonesian phrase book to help you communicate? If so, this Indonesian phrasebook is for you—it’s the easiest and quickest way to learn Indonesian. It’s tiny size makes it incredibly convenient to travel with but without losing the most essential content for communication.

With comprehensive coverage of the Cambridge IGCSE® Bahasa Indonesia syllabus, this Coursebook contains a wealth of highly engaging authentic texts to motivate and engage students in their studies and help them prepare for their assessment. The modular approach allows the content to be taught in a way that suits every classroom environment, and also supports independent learning.

The lessons in this book are prioritized, with more important words and phrases being give first, so that you may profit no matter how deeply into the book you go. By studying the first section only, you acquire a basic “survival” Indonesian, and by mastering the first three sections you should be able to get around quite well on your own.