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We all know that Italian is the language of love, but did you know that it’s also one of the most useful languages to learn? Italy is a key location for business across Europe––the country’s most notable industries, of course, are cuisine, automotives, and fashion––making the language not only an asset for personal growth, but also a critical tool for members of the global economy.

Aside from its economic advantages, of course, Italian serves as an important gateway to important artistic, literary, religious, and political histories, both across the Mediterranean and broader Europe. Whether you’re leafing through the fiction of breakout literary star Elena Ferrante, reading biographical information about the brilliant (but terrifying) painter Caravaggio, or figuring out how to cook some of your favorite Italian dishes, learning Italian is simply essential.

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Why is Italian an important language to learn?

Do you love music? Are you religious and do you want to see and feel the love throughout Vatican City? Are you a history buff who thinks that the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa will indulge your fantasies longer than anything else? How about the Trevi Fountain, Pompeii, and Lake Como? Those are all the things that you can do, plus many others, over in Italy, but you can only truly appreciate them by learning how to speak Italian. Approximately sixty-six million people speak Italian in this world and for most of them, it is their first language. There is a good chance that you will hear someone speaking Italian wherever you are, especially if you are traveling to events for music, fashion, or food. Therefore, you do not need to visit Italy in order to use this wonderful language throughout your life! The Italian culture is quite interesting and once you know the language, you will easily find that you will understand it that much better. You will start to piece together the works of art, the historical buildings, the music, the food, and even the fine wine to see how they all interact to create the communities that you will see today. If you are still on the fence with learning this language, then at least do it for the food! Imagine walking into any Italian restaurant and being able to order the dishes that you crave in perfect Italian. The servers will be impressed and so you will you as you dive into some of the best tasting food!

Learn to speak Italian

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