Editors Choice – Best Khmer Language Books

Khmer is a fun language to learn, the problem is most learning materials are costly and make language learning too complicated. They start of good but then advance too quickly. Just like those dreaded language classes in school. The result, nothing sinks in, you become overwhelmed and eventually give up.

We know learning a foreign language isn’t easy, it challenges both your brain and your time. Learning new concepts and setting aside time for your learning can be difficult. And if you’re studying with bad material you can end up getting stuck more than necessary, which isn’t fun.

Most students feel to start learning a language you simply need to start. That’s true but it’s better to first find the right resources to help you progress smoothly. Otherwise it can be a real motivation killer.

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Why is Khmer an important language to learn?

Have you dreamed of visiting an island that appears slightly deserted, yet offers all the beauty that you have always wanted? Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem are two islands that will give you just that and they are just off the mainland of Cambodia. In this area of the world, they speak Khmer, which means knowing this language will help you discover more of what you want when you are there vacationing. Thirteen million people speak Khmer in Cambodia, while there is a total of sixteen million worldwide. Khmer is a language that was influenced by both Sanskrit and Pali and it is now one of the more popular Austroasiatic languages spoken. While visiting this part of the world, you will find that many people do speak English. However, the local language will have you communicating with more people, which will allow you to make new friends and learn more about the cultures, traditions, and even the secret places that the locals love. Of course, knowing how to speak Khmer will also make you a little less lonely if you do choose to venture to any of the Cambodian Islands, as most people only speak Khmer on those.

Learn to speak Khmer

In this book we have compiled simple dialogues which will enable foreigners to easily learn Khmer at a basic level. This book also contains phonetic and Khmer translation, grammar, Khmer spelling and vocabulary.

If you are reading this, it most likely means that you are about to embark on an exciting journey to The Kingdom of Wonder, Cambodia. Let me be the first to welcome you. Whether you are a volunteer, a teacher, a businessman, a government worker, an expat or a tourist, you will find that being able to communicate Khmer with the local people will make your trip more enjoyable.

The Tuttle Practical Cambodian Dictionary answers the need for a dictionary of Cambodian that is handy, current, and useful to those with little or no experience with the Cambodian language. With other Cambodian dictionaries are designed for those who can read Cambodian script, this dictionary provides entries in both script and romanized form.

This is the second edition of Cambodian for Beginners. It is the Cambodian language program that has been made easy for non-Cambodian speakers. It is designed for either self-study or classroom use. It teaches all four language skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing; and offers clear, easy, step-by-step instruction building on what has been previously learned.