Editors Choice – Best Kurdish Language Books

Always wanted to learn the Kurdish language but you find it difficult to commit and stay consistent? We made this notebook for you! We organized the pages so you will commit to write and learn at least: 5 words everyday, 35 per week and 150 words per month. This is it! Time to learn Kurdish words everyday!

This is a low content notebook to help you learn the language, made in a unique style so each page contains 3 days of learning (It could carry up to 15 words per page).

This is not a dictionary! This is not a learning book! this is a notebook where you write down the words and learn them at your pace.

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Why is Kurdish an important language to learn?

Kurdish is mainly spoken in Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria, but you will also hear it in areas like Armenia, Lebanon, Georgia, Kazakstan, and Afghanistan. There are more than twenty million people that speak this language and while you may think that you will never see them, you may be surprised when you suddenly hear this language one day. There are different types of Kurdish spoken, depending on where a person lives, but two of them are considered the main ones. Those two are Kurmanji and Sorani and while they sound the same, there are some subtle differences. You may decide that you want to learn both these dialects, so that you can easily communicate with anyone that you meet in the Kurdish areas. Once you know how to speak Kurdish, you may find that your new skills are needed more often than you thought. This is because not many people learn Kurdish, so others will need you to be their translator, so they can communicate almost as easily as you can.

Learn to speak Kurdish

SERKEFTIN! is a Kurdish (Kurmanji) course book of the European language level A1. It is suitable for adolescent as well as adult scholars and introduces language learners to important everyday situations. In its ten chapters, this book deals with situations such as meeting new people, telling the way and time, shopping, seeing the doctor, writing letters and Kurdish culture.

Turkish for Beginners is comprehensive language course with recordings for English speakers who are looking for a modern approach to learning Turkish. It is bilingual (Turkish-English) book with structural methods of teaching language intended for complete beginners or pre-intermediate learners. The book is organized into 10 units. Each unit is designed to build upon the knowledge you have gained in the previous one.

Sorani (also called Kurdi) is a Kurdish language spoken mainly in Iraq and Iran, with an estimated 15 million speakers worldwide. This resourceful book includes a 2-way Kurdish (Sorani)-English dictionary with over 4,000 entries as well as a useful phrasebook covering topics like emergency, healthcare, political, relief aid and combat terms.

This book explains, in both English and Kurdish, the correct way to speak, read, and write Kurdish. It is designed to be used inside the classroom or for independent study. The book will enable anyone who knows the basics of English to learn the basics of the Kurdish language with ease. In four chapters, it explains the rules and characteristics of Kurmanji-Kurdish, the principles of the creation of sentences, and the correct pronunciation of letters and words.