Editors Choice – Best Maltese Language Books

This ”Cornell Notebook for Learning Maltese” would make the ideal, adaptable notebook for anyone wanting to learn Maltese in an interactive way, or for someone working in the travel or linguistic sectors.

The item contains a custom, sleek front cover and 108 pages of large 8.5 x 11 inch Cornell note paper, the perfect size for plenty of note writing space. The Cornell template is a note taking system designed to provide a methodical and accessible format for condensing and organizing notes. This can be very helpful in educational and professional settings.

Each page is split into four sections, providing segmented areas to record Maltese phrases, alphabet and vocabulary, which you can then prioritize and refer back to. A summary section is also provided to reflect on the main learning points. This process makes recalling and retaining new information more efficient.

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Why is Maltese an important language to learn?

Hidden treasures are everywhere in Malta, which means that you can spend your days there discovering prehistoric temples, historic watchtowers, museums filled with figures and sculptures, cliffs lined with fossils that lead to hidden coves, and water filled with anything and everything that you can imagine. There are more than four hundred thousand people living in Malta and they can all speak Maltese fluently. This may not seem like a large number to you, but once you add in the large number of expats there that can also speak the language, you will find that learning this language is a must do for everyone.

The good news is that you can learn just the basics before traveling to this region, because everyone that lives there also speaks English. The locals will welcome you with open arms, as long as they know that you are trying to learn their language and they will help you become more proficient in it. If you choose not to learn how to speak Maltese, the locals will think that you are acting standoffish, and this is frowned upon there.

Learn to speak Maltese

This book explains the Maltese grammar in an simple way. No over explanations. Not too complicated. Just simple examples to clarify the grammar for a clear and concise way to learn to speak Maltese.

Focusing primarily on Standard Maltese, the authors clarify many areas which, until now, remain undefined, with emphasis on syntax and intonation. English loanwords continue to find their way into Standard Maltese, especially as the Maltese inhabitants become increasingly bilingual, and the variations are studied, as well as their morphological behavior. The book describes the syntactic, morphological and phonological structure of Maltese as one integrated linguistic system composed of different strands.

A book with over 700 Maltese words and expressions. In this book, you’ll learn the most used words and expressions in spoken Maltese. Links to audio files are included to hear the Maltese pronunciation, so you can practice your hearing skills as well.

Written especially for Americans, this handy dictionary and lexical-grouped phrasebook is the ideal companion for travelers. Included in this title:  1,500 entries, introduction to basic grammar, pronunciation guide, Maltese-English/English-Maltese dictionary, Maltese phrasebook, including all topics a visitor to Malta needs to know. A must for anyone traveling to the Republic of Malta.