Editors Choice – Best Mongolian Language Books

This complete guide to the Mongolian language provides a basic knowledge of all Mongolian noun inflections and the basic and most important verbal inflections, and the uses of these. Grammatical concepts are introduced at the beginning of each chapter and discussed, with further examples, in a grammar section. Each chapter is accompanied by a list of new vocabulary items.

A complete vocabulary list, English-Mongolian and Mongolian-English, is given at the end of the book, as is a list of all the Mongolian terminations, inflections and stems that appear in the book.

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Why is Mongolian an important language to learn?

There are not too many rugged destinations around the world, which is why you need to visit Mongolia if you want a rustic, nomadic experience in a place that hasn’t been touched in hundreds of years.  After learning how to speak Mongolian, you can spend days, weeks, or months exploring the wilderness and be welcomed into the homes of many of the local nomads.  Among the countryside feel, there are large cities that are rapidly growing and finally earning their place in the 21st century.

More than four million people speak this language, which means you can join them and see the same bright future that they do.  After all, the economy in Mongolia is growing fast and that means more jobs will become available.  While you may not work in this country, you may find that you need to communicate with those that do, as you iron out business deals and other negotiations on occasion.  This is not the most difficult language to learn, so you shouldn’t worry about spending too much time adding it to your growing language base.

Learn to speak Mongolian

This book is written to provide the Mongolian language students a reference book of English explanations for the Mongolian grammar system. Each area of Grammar is explained in simple English and then several examples are given. There are significant differences between spoken Mongolian and written Mongolian. We will attempt to point out the grammatical differences as we study them. If the Mongolian language teacher uses this book when teaching Mongolian grammar, it will help them give good English explanations.

Mongolian vocabulary and phrases are given in both the Roman alphabet and the Mongolian Cyrillic script, enabling the user to pronounce words easily while becoming familiar with the script. Featuring: 3,500 total entries, basic Mongolian grammar, travel-oriented phrases, commonsense pronunciation, and interesting and helpful cultural information

The book teaches basic Mongolian language and consists of different topics related to everyday life. Each lesson includes basic essential expressions within a topic and vocabulary which are all translated. The author tried to provide transcriptions for all expressions and vocabulary in each lesson. The book does not cover much grammar but some grammar explanations are given after some lessons. Some culture tips and Do’s and Dont’s of Mongolian culture are included as well.

Shadow Me 2: Let’s Speak Mongolian! contains a series of thirty-seven dialogues designed to help you speak and understand Mongolian quickly. Familiarize yourself with Mongolian used in everyday contexts such as meeting and greeting someone for the first time, going to the market, making a purchase, talking about the weather, ordering coffee at a local cafe, enjoying a meal with a family, and much more. Build your vocabulary with the glossaries included.