Editors Choice – Best Sinhala Language Books

This book is the only one in the world, which teaches the Spoken Sinhala language which is almost the only variety used in the country based on sound grammatical underpinning. If you have a working knowledge of the English language, then using this book you can easily understand Sinhala sentence structures and patterns because the book teaches Sinhala in comparison with the English.

There are hundreds of thousands of Sri Lankans now living abroad, and this book can be useful for them to teach their kids about the beautiful language Sinhala. Sinhala diaspora all over the world will find this useful.

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Why is Sinhala an important language to learn?

Ancient ruins are plentiful in Sri Lanka and you can finally see them firsthand now that this country has been put back on travelers’ radar. Once you learn the local language of Sinhala, you will find that you are surrounded by two thousand plus years of history and culture. Imagine understanding the meaning behind the numerous temples or seeing why the fortresses are located where they are.

Safaris will have you instantly seeing all the wildlife, while you listen to your tour guide share the intricate details of the land around you. A favorite sight is where the oldest human-planted tree was placed and that can be found in Anuradhapura. You can easily venture from one destination to another in Sri Lanka if you know how to speak Sinhala, because you will find it is much easier to communicate with the thirteen million people who speak it. You may not use this language much during the rest of your travels, but it will be nice to know that you can speak to others if the need arises.

Learn to speak Sinhala

This book teaches the colloquial language of the Sinhala people in a straightforward and thorough manner. With an intuitive transliteration system (explained in the first chapter), a discussion of all major grammatical concepts, and numerous dialogues and exercises, Spoken Sinhala Made Simple is a valuable resource for anyone looking to speak Sinhalese.

Basic Sinhala is a beginning course presented in three modules dealing with the writing system conversation and grammar. Module I Beginning Signs and Letters, Module II General Conversation, Module III Sinhala Structures.

Sinhala Basic Course – Module 1 is part of the Sinhala Basic Course. FSI Courses are language courses developed by the Foreign Service Institute and were primarily intended for US government employees.This courses are very intense to let a learner achieve proficiency as fast and as efficient as possible.

Lonely Planet Sinhala Phrasebook & Dictionary is your passport to the most relevant Sinhalese phrases and vocabulary for all your travel needs. Ask for in-the-know recommendations of cozy tucked-away beaches, bargain at a vegetable market, and mingle at a local cricket match -all with your trusted travel companion.