Editors Choice – Best Swahili Language Books

The first section of this book does not use any grammatical terms whatsoever, but still gets the ideas across. It is a rebellion against all those ‘teach yourself’ language books that seem to think that grammar is the very first thing to take in. That’s not how you learn a native language – you learn it by making sense of it and by gentle immersion.

That’s what this book will do, learn quickly. Once you get past the unfamiliarity, the rules of Swahili are much easier than English, with far fewer irregularities.

Listening is a very powerful tool for driving home learning – especially repetitive listening combined with making sense of what you are hearing. This is the way that children learn a language!

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Why is Swahili an important language to learn?

Have you ever wanted to encounter the wild out in nature up close? How about the opportunity to see some stunning landscape that blends together yet seems so unique and extraordinary? A visit to Africa will give you all that and more, with its diversity, rich traditions, large animals, and the history that is still celebrated today. Swahili is the language spoken the most in Africa and you will hear it as you visit countries that include Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

One hundred and forty million people currently speak Swahili with more learning it every day. When you take the time to learn and understand Swahili, you will find that your business prospects soar! Every year, businesses in the United States lose out on two billion dollars or more, because they do not take the time to learn this language. Imagine the possibilities for your future when you spend a short amount of time learning beginning phrases and keywords, before finally taking the plunge and becoming fluent with the help of those who already speak Swahili.

You may also be interested in learning this language because it has so many interesting and intriguing features that will keep you intrigued long after you normally give up. The best part about learning Swahili is that you will finally be able to understand all those Swahili phrases that are used in The Lion King.

Learn to speak Swahili

The Pimsleur Method: the easiest, fastest way to learn Swahili. Completely portable, easily downloadable, and lots of fun. You’ll be speaking and understanding in no time flat! Pimsleur’s Swahili teaches Standard Swahili as spoken in and around Nairobi, Kenya. This new Swahili 30-unit course replaces our original Compact Swahili 10-unit course with new and expanded vocabulary, scenarios, grammar and structures.

Do you want to learn Swahili? And actually learn to be conversational? This learning guide is not just a few greetings or numbers, nor is it a rigorous textbook – it gives you the grammatical background and vocabulary skills to learn conversational Swahili as quickly as you can flip through the pages!

An 800+ page textbook for anyone new to Swahili or wants to improve or brush up. Step by step explanation with examples and exercises, plus indexes, a 3,500+ bidirectional vocabulary, with a mini-thesaurus, and appendices. If you are going to East Africa, this is the text book you need to enhance your experience there, for being able to communicate with locals in their language is always most satisfying.

Lonely Planet’s Swahili Phrasebook & Dictionary is your passport to the most relevant Swahili phrases and vocabulary for all your travel needs. Learn that the word for stranger in Swahili is also the same word for guest, make the most of your wildlife safari with our special sustainable travel section, while learning the names of some of the animals you’re likely to see -all with your trusted travel companion.