Editors Choice – Best Swazi Language Books

Discover the world in Siswati and English together with your multilingual child. It has get over 40 every day objects to point at and share with your baby. Mommy can do it in Siswati and Daddy in English.

Each every day object is also illustrated to help make the connection with the real world. You can let toddlers color in the illustrations too. Older children can practice their writing skills by filling in the included workbook.

My First Swazi Dictionary is a picture book for introducing your multilingual child to Siswati and English. Suitable for children between the ages of 0 to 6 years.

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Why is Swazi an important language to learn?

eSwatini is a country in South Africa that used to be known as Swaziland. This intriguing destination has an abundance of wildlife, thrilling adventures, and enough local cultures to keep you learning for a decade. Swazi is the local language in eSwatini and at least one million people speak it there, as well as other regions in South Africa. Swazi is considered a Bantu language and learning it is the best way to immerse yourself into the cultures and traditions of the locals.

Swazi language is taught in schools in eSwatini, so you will begin to hear more of this language as it continues to grow in popularity. Learning Swazi will boost your language skills, especially if you do business anywhere in Africa now or in the future. Since many people will never consider learning this language, you will continue to move ahead at work and in your personal life, because you will have the skills that are needed in this part of the world.

Learn to speak Swazi

Let’s count 1 2 3 to 20 in Swazi and English! My First Swati Counting Book is a coloring activity book for introducing your multilingual child to numbers in Swazi and English. Count up to 20 with your baby. Mummy can teach in Swati and Daddy in English. Each number is a separate coloring activity! Support older children to practice their number writing skills. Discover the world in Swati and English together with your multilingual child. Suitable for children 0 to 7 years old. Written in Modern Swati by Kasahorow.

Did you ever want to teach your kids the basics of Swazi (siSwati) ? Learning to speak Swazi can be fun with this picture book. In this book you will find the following features: Swazi alphabets, Swazi words, and English translations.